San Francesco - Golden Gate Bridge

1 of 5 nights a year where there is no fog at sunset in the bay.

Barbados - Infinity Pool

Dubai - Sunset Toyota

Maldives - Pool

Tuscany - Night Skies


Venice - Sunset

Arizona - Grand Canyon

A lunch spot

Dubai - Desert Night

Arizona - Grand Canyon (Solo)

Barbados Sea

Shot on GoPro.

California - Yosemite - Half Dome

Best beer I’ve ever had

Barbados - Blackout

No power meant you could see the stars

India - Taj Mahal

Shot on iPhone

Dubai - Desert - Night Skies

Shot on iPhone

Venice - Dinner by the sea

Florence - Hottub Sunset

Dubai - Getting lost in the desert

Canada - Ontario - Lake Joe

Florence - Market

Florence - Dumo

Lake District - Derwent Water

Venice - Gondalas

Cambridge - Fake Gondolas

Lakes - Bench Viewers

Venice - Gondolas' Sleeping

Lake District - Boats

Lake District - Gents with a view

Second best beer I’ve ever had.

Ontario - Flyboarding

Second best beer I’ve ever had.

Pisa - Leaning Tower of Inappropriate

Second best beer I’ve ever had.